Difference Between Cheap vs Quality Inflatable SUP

There is a lot involved in the construction of a good quality inflatable paddle board. A good quality SUP is designed to feel like your not even on an inflatable. They should be super rigid, inflated to a good PSI which creates zero twist or bend in the board. this is created through what we call drop stitch construction which are fibres running through the board to hold its shape correctly (its important to get the drop stitch requirements correct which we have spent a lot of time designing).This way you can have the best experience on the water with ease.

With a cheaper inflatable you will find when inflated it won’t be as rigid creating a non stable board which is harder to paddle on.Some even have a bend in the centre making it look like a banana and this is not fun to paddle on which turns people off paddle boarding al together. Also with a 1-2 layer low grade PVC thickness this is more prone to punctures which are very hard to repair. A good quality Inflatable paddle board has a high grade outer layer which is designed to be very hard to puncture.Also this type of material will hold the board in the correct designed shape when inflated.

even when your spending a few hundred $$ on a product you expect it to last. With a cheaper paddle board compared to spending a few more hundred dollars on a good quality SUP it will be well worth it in the long run. We have had a lot of customer purchase a Drift after a cheaper SUP due to it not lasting.

We are known for great designs and also the quality and being around for 6 years we know how to produce a good quality SUP designed in Australia. For the extra few hundred dollars you are going to get an inflatable paddle board package which will last you a long time along with having the most enjoyable time on the water. Our inflatables are designed for beginners, campers, boaties wanting a board to cruise in flat water – exposed waters. Our inflatables includes paddle board + travel bag + fin/s + manual pump + leg rope + instruction manual + adjustable paddleSHOP INFLATABLE SUP PACKAGES