How to paddle board in choppy water

So paddle boarding can be easy in flat water after a few goes but how do you get confident in a bit of swell, wind, current and boat wakes.

Here are a few tips for paddleboarding in rough water with confidence.

Its all about the paddling technique. Did you know that paddle boarding is all about your core not your arms?

Your paddle blade needs to be all the way down into the water on the catch phase. The release from the blade from the water just in front of your feet. You might feel like you are falling forward but you will get used to it

Make sure you put effort into your paddle stroke as it will make you feel more stable As soon as you stop paddling and straighten up you will feel less stable.

Standing with your feet at least shoulder width apart gives you the stability. If its really choppy move one foot back several inches. This will give you more stability.

This is the really fun part of paddleboarding- learning new skills and feeling confident. Choppy conditions are so much fun and you will find that you will be looking out for it once you get the confidence