Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions outside the scope of these frequently asked questions please use the contact form below and we will reply as soon as we possibly can.

Our boards are constructed to support weights of up to 115kg. Beginners will need larger boards as these are more stable and easier to use.


Fibreglass boards:

  • 10’0 – beginner up to 75 kg and intermediate up to 85kg
  • 10’6 – beginner up to 85kg and intermediate up to 90kg
  • 11’0 – beginner up to 105 kg
  • 11’6 – up to 120kg

Soft Tops

  •  Up to 115kg


  • up to 140kg


Our boards are couriered within 3 days within Sydney and up to 4-6 days outside of Sydney.

The difference between our boards to other boards in the market is the quality and design. A lot of time and research has gone into Drift products to make sure you look great as well as ensuring that the quality of every board we sell is top of the range.

We are at wholesale prices not retail meaning you get a great quality product for the right price. Some retail outlets add on a large margin meaning you will be paying over $1200 for the same quality board and even more for accessories.

Our boards are proudly designed in Australia and we are proud suppliers to the Sydney Academy of Sport.

Drift is all about making sure you are happy with the design, quality and delivering the best service we can.

Drift paddleboard construction is top of the line with 3 layer fiberglass, epoxy which is baked not air dried along with super strong wooden stringer and high gloss finish.

We do top quality checks on every single board which is made to make sure everyone who purchases a Drift product is a happy drifter!

Drift Paddleboards © warrants this product from defects in materials or workmanship when it is purchased direct from Drift Paddleboards Australia or other authorized distributor.

If the product contains a defect in materials or workmanship, Drift will repair or replace any defective part, or, at its option replace the entire product at no charge. You must pay shipping charges.

The original retail purchaser is covered by the warranty. This warranty is non-transferrable.

The length from the date of purchase is 12 months based on defective materials or workmanship only. Drift Paddleboards or Drift distributors will replace or pay for the repair work from an authorized repairer. All Drift Paddleboards/Packages must be purchased from an authorized Drift dealer for warranty to be validated.

Damage, failure or malfunction of this product caused by: (1) normal wear and tear including, but not limited to scratches, nicks and fading from normal use; (2) commercial use (including rental, summer camps, demonstration or instructional purposes) (3) abuse or misuse, including, but not limited to, use of this product contrary to written instructions, dropping, collisions with objects, dragging the product on the ground, docks or other surfaces; (4) improper handling and storage or use of improper board racks, leading to scratches, nicks, punctures, fractures or other deformation, or discoloration from sunlight and excessive heat exposure; (5) damage caused by loading, unloading and/or transporting; (6)unauthorized modification, repair and alteration of the product; (7) damage caused by waves or shore breaks; (8) damage caused by using a board in the water with a loose or removed air valve or failure to clean and service the air vent valve; (9) use of the product with accessories or parts not sold by Drift Paddleboards for use with the paddleboard, including bolt on systems to attach fins, cutting and reshaping boards with overlays; (10) incidental and consequential damages.

You have a 14 return policy where you can return the goods for a full refund. Good have to be in exact condition and packaging as received to be eligible for the full refund. Freight and returning to the location where the goods where purchased is at the owners expense